Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good Decision

I am very glad that Paul's final word was "we will not go to IL this weekend." At first, I was disappointed... but, now, I am relieved. God's Providence is always best! (By the way, Lydia is great!)

1- I started having contractions y-day afternoon and they continued all night

2- Contractions again this morning and continuing through the afternoon, despite my best efforts to push fluids

3- We drove down to Jefferson City last night (less than one hour away) and I was terribly uncomfortable! How would I have ever managed 4 hours to IL in the van?

4- I just spent an hour planning school for next week. It is such a HARD, time-consuming task... but is it also greatly rewarding. I love seeing my planner all filled out! But, if I had been visiting with family today... this task would have been put off till the last minute. (And, I still have to make copies of the worksheets we are doing!)

5- We are getting ready to have Nelson's birthday dinner: steak, macaroni, and pumpkin pie... YUMMY

The BIG Little Man turns 6 tomorrow!

1 comment:

Mama Hen said...

I love it when I can manage to have a good planning time BEFORE the week actually starts! It makes Monday morning so much more manageable.

Happy Birthday Nelson! Sounds like you are going to have a yummy dinner.

Bethany, hope you get some relief soon!