Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekend Planning

In theory, we are going to IL this weekend to see family. I say, "in theory," because these plans are contingent upon our health and our van.

The van - Paul did replace the one misfiring sparkplug, and it worked really well... for one day. Then, on Tuesday, it starting misfiring again. He got under the hood and tightened the plug wire, and it is working again... for now. The plug wire does not want to stay in place.

Health - Lydia is not feeling well. If you followed my old blog, then you know that Lydia is VERY frail and still underweight. She has filled out enough that we no longer fear for her life (like we did before), but we HATE to see her get sick. I have been giving her Vitamin C crystals in her drinks, but she still seems puny. She has not been eating (this is day two). And, this morning she is whining that her head hurts. So, it could be a common cold, the seasonal flu... anything.

We ask that you would pray for Lydia (we call her "Lucy"), that she would fight this sickness off. OR, that if God is not going to remove this trial that He will sustain her strength and health.

Our weekend plans are:
-Drive up to see my folks on Friday
-Saturday my Grandma, Uncle, and Aunt are coming down to my parents' house to visit us
-Sunday we are visiting the church in IL where Paul was pastor before we moved (in Aug 2008)

We look forward to seeing our friends and family in IL, but Lucy's health takes precedence over all plans. We put it in God's hands and will make our decision tomorrow morning. In the meanwhile, I will pack, and make cookies (for my brother), and get ready to go.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for Lydia-Lucy. My children have always been lean; when they are ill, it just doesn't take long for them to become grossly thin, then it takes much longer to get back to where they were. PTL, as they're getting older, they are able to handle illness better, not great, but at least better. I've called them (and the pediatrician too) slow recoverers.