Friday, October 23, 2009

Van troubles - part 2

Paul is taking the van to "Bob" to be looked at, at 10:30 this morning. Bob used to work for Ford and has all kinds of cool equipment! He can "plug in" the van to a computer that tells him exactly what is wrong. So, we pay Bob $20/hour for a diagnosis, then we beg God for the money for Paul to fix it himself!

I love being married to a mechanic! What I love most about it, is the way he stops on the side of the road to help out people in trouble! What a great way to shine for the Lord!


Fine Linen said...

I pray all works out soon with fixing the van. It is a blessing to have a husband who's a mechanic. My husband doesn't know to much about cars, but he knows construction. And I'm very thankful he's talented in this area. It helps alot!
Blessings, Fine Linen

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for your transportation too- We've been in that boat way too many times ourselves. My Hubby was not trained well by his parents (I can say this as he would agree) - he wasn't even "allowed" to mow the lawn - let alone learn mechanics, construction and household maintence! Yes, that is definately good knowledge to have and a blessing. Anything he knows he's learned as a man. Believe me, our children are being trained in those areas.