Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Family Update

Time is marching on in the Woods family. I thought it was high time for an update.

Paul is still working for the prison. I would be lying if I implied that he likes the work. But, he is grateful to have had this job for over a year now. The work is not strenuous to his back. If anything, the job is too sedentary for his liking. But, at least he is not straining his back injuries. He always has his eyes open for other employment, but so far it seems that God must want Paul to remain in the prison. We trust that He has a plan.

I am feeling all right. My lower back (sacroliliac) has been bothering me for three months now. I have not been able to help with hay all summer. What's worse, I was not able to even walk, sit, or move comfortably for the first six weeks. I am working with the chiropractor and I am now about 90% better. I have re-gained most of my range of motion. I can sit on a chair without pain. I can walk enough to do my mothering duties. I cannot bend, lift, or twist. I cannot work out. But, I know I am on the right path to full recovery.

Rebecca turned 13 in March! I am pleased with her level of maturity. She has great discipline for schoolwork, even though her dyscalculia frustrates her progress. I have truly never known a young lady like Rebecca. She is still doing most of the cooking and cleaning around the house (even though my back is more compliant these days). She doesn't want me to "overdo it" and have a set back. Rebecca is quite interested in quilting, but time and money prevent her from enjoying the hobby as she would like. She also still loves horses, reading, writing, and playing with the other children. The new change in Rebecaa's life was that she learned to swim this summer and now she is training to be on the YMCA swim team. She has progressed rapidly and thoroughly enjoys swimming. I would have to say that swim team is her favorite hobby at present.

Nelson has also learned to swim. He is training for the swim team as well, but he does not love the disciplined swimming like Becca does. He just likes to play and swim for leisure. Nelson is overcoming his dyslexia. It seems that someone (God) "flipped the switch" and suddenly Nelson is reading! I couldn't be more happy! His favorite book to read me is the Bible. Not only does he read it, but he comprehends it! He is asking me such thoughtful questions about the passages we read. I am very happy with his progress. Nelson's favorite hobby is anything to do with art (photography, drawing, computer design, etc).

Lydia is ten now! She is making great strides in school as well. Her dyselxia was not as severe as Nelson's, but she has had much to overcome. Lydia's favorite hobby is enjoying nature. She calls all bugs "cute" or "adorable." She gets frustrated when someone kills a spider - which is her favorite type of bug. Lydia has learned to swim as well. But, like her mama, she gets cold and tired quickly and requires a lot of sleep to recover.

Joshua is another little overcomer! I shudder when I think of the challenges that this little guy has faced in the past years. First, his ears were blocked and he was nearly deaf. He did not speak. Then, we discovered he was nearly blind. Once he was able to see and hear we started school with him. At first he progressed rapidly, then he suddenly "lost" everything. I do not know the cause (I assume it was mold exposure). But, we had to start again with the basics. I am greatly pleased with his hard work and determination! This is his year!

Josiah is five. He is learning his letters and numbers. He likes to hear chidlren's books read to him. He loves playing in the YMCA pool. I am certain he is part fish and will be swimming in no time. Joey's favorite hobby is snuggling.

Jeremiah is three. He is still a happy little guy. He is definitely the baby of the family. He has been babied for quite a while. But, he is also growing into little boyhood. He enjoys playing at the park, throwing balls, and listening to books being read.

Our new home is working out well for us. So far as we can tell the house is free of mold! It is the biggest house we have ever lived in.  Rebecca even has her own sewing room (though it doubles as  the library). The children are split into pairs and we still have a guest room. The only complaint we have is that the yard is not as big as we would like. But, we think we will be content to stay here until we can buy our "forever home."

I think that hits the main points. I will try to write more often now that I have a phone that doubles as a hot spot. I hope you are all doing well! I will try to visit your blogs soon!


Randy and April said...

Hi Bethany! Do you remember me? You randomly popped in my head today so I searched to see if you were still blogging so I could say hi. I can't believe how big the kids have gotten!

We moved to Kansas this January due to a job change for Randy. And you may recall that back when I was blogging we were struggling with infertility and praying for a child. I am due with #3 in 6 weeks. :) Violet just turned 4 and we've started homeschool with her. Henry will be 2 a few days before my due date. And we are having another girl, Margaret (Maggie).

I'll have to check in on you more often! :) I'm no longer blogging or on Facebook but I'm pretty active on Instagram if you ever want to look me up. Hope you all are doing well!

Bethany in Mid-MO said...

April, Hello Friend! I am so glad to hear from you! I have stopped by your blog a number of times in the past few years looking for news. I even tried to send a FB message. You have been in my prayers repeatedly!
Your news about your growing family blesses me! In fact, hearing from you yesterday made my day!
I plan to post some photos later today.
Thank you SO much for letting me know you stopped by!