Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dirty Diaper Analogy

A two-fold analogy - What would happen if I smelled that my toddler pooped in his diaper, but I did not change it? What if I left the diaper alone for days? It would get messier, stinkier, and -at some point - the poop would get on everyone else and on furniture too. Let's say I then decide to take care of the diaper. Well, it's bigger than that now. His whole body needs bathed. The furniture needs washed. Clothing needs to be burnt. And so on. It would have been a whole lot easier to change the stinky diaper days ago. Right?

First interpretation - to parents - when you see sin in your children, correct it (in a godly manner) right away. Don't let the stink spill over and get on everyone and everything else till the whole household reeks.

Second interpretation - to believers - God is a loving Father. He knows when we have soiled ourselves. Sometimes we try to run away, because we don't want to be wiped clean. But, in the end, God will clean us up. He will dunk us in the bath tub of heaven and we will come out white as snow. He loves us and He will not let us remain in sin long term. There will be a reckoning. If you choose to run around in your dirty diaper (sin) constantly trying to avoid the Hand that would clean you...well, you will end up soiling other people and all the circumstances you touch. Sin hurts more people than just you. Let God wash you clean. Then, when you are clean, go lead others to the Great Father who would wash them clean. Be a living testimony to the grace and goodness of God.

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