Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Copied from my Facebook Timeline (date as shown) -

Analogy for your Wednesday afternoon - Imagine that a tornado or a strong storm knocked over a large tree in your yard. And you weren't able to clear this tree out. You didn't have the tools or the know-how. Perhaps you took away some small sticks and left the rest behind. This event represents trauma in your life. Now, let's say you want to start clearing away this debris years later. You are more equipped now. But, here is a serious consideration. (In the natural) When timber is left on the ground it becomes a home to many critters. There's a good chance that when you pick through the pile you will run into snakes. Spiritually speaking, as you deal with past trauma little trials will arise. You might find a bee hive or hornet's nest. This should not scare you away from completing the job. This tree needs to be removed to enjoy your yard to the fullest. Likewise, your trauma needs to be dealt with so you can have the abundant life God has given you. Each varmint you tackle in clearing away the dead mass will make your yard (your life) better. It may take years to clear up the whole mess. But, remember, you are not doing this alone! God sent you a Helper, the Holy Spirit, to give you the strength and knowledge to restore your life. Let Him help you! And, keep working at those pesky old tree roots. In time, you will be whole again.

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