Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Still Here and Paul's health update

I'm still around... I just don't blog much. I don't feel creative enough to write blog posts right now. I think I'm kind of in survival mode.

Life has been overwhelming. Paul has been out of work for hernia surgery for 8 weeks. He will return on August 12th. Friends and family have been awesome with helping pay the bills... but This. Has. Been. Hard.

Paul's surgery went very well. (Three hernias repaired and a fatty tumor removed.) The healing process took longer than anticipated. And, since this injury was not workman's comp, Paul has to be at 100% before he can return to work.

I've been trying really hard to have faith through all this. So, if I sound pessimistic, please don't kick me while I'm down. This has been VERY hard. Paul has only worked 10 weeks in 2013. Fortunately, he averaged 50 hours/week during those weeks. I'm really trying to look for all the blessings in these circumstances. Some days I do better than others. Today we have full tummies and a roof over our heads. So, compared to most of the world, that really isn't so bad.


Bean said...

Oh Bethany,

My heart goes out to you, Paul, and your family. I have thought of you often and missed your posts, I just imagined you were busy with the normal day to day of family life.
I am so sorry that life is so hard right now, and please know that I will lift your whole family up in prayer daily.


MamaHen said...

Praying for you Bethany, my friend. I am going to pray specifically today that a need would be met in a big way.

Bethany in Mid-MO said...

Bean and MamaHen,
Thank you both SO much for your prayers! God is providing step by day at a time, but that can be hard on a planner like me. I thank God that our landlord forgave us our August rent this past Sunday! He wanted to give us a chance to get caught up! I cried, then Paul cried, then our landlord cried. So, MamaHen, keep those prayers for big provision coming! We know we don't "deserve" anything, but God is good...He sees His Son instead of my filthy rags!