Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy Days - An Update

Housing - We moved to a new home last Saturday. We have been quite busy getting settled in. If you are a "real life" friend and you are out of the loop, send me an e-mail. I can send you updates and address info.

Also, we have home internet again now. I have not been using the smart phone internet much at all. The smart phone (especially internet usage) made me sick. So I had to cancel my phone line. You might think I am crazy, but the EMFs (radiation) made me sick with headaches and made me irritable and panicky. So, we canceled my cell phone. (Glad it's gone!!!)

Paul's job - He is still part-time at UPS and has decided not to pursue full-time. It would be too much time away from our family. Shortly after making this decision, an opportunity came up for Paul to minister at a small, local church. It is a long story how it all came about... let's just say, GOD DID IT! Paul is the associate pastor. I will likely write more about this later.

Budget news - we are radically cutting back our budget. We decided to take a HUGE cut in food expenses. We will no longer buy the luxury items we are so accustomed to: coke (I say "coke" for any kind of soda), bottled water, snacks, etc. And, we will cut out about half our meat (again) and get back into the healthy habit of cooking with rice, lentils, noodles, beans, etc. I will probably be posting updates on this food journey, because it is so important right now.

As for the pregnancy - I am very tired, but not sick. I will be seven months along on Oct 4th. The baby measures 2 weeks too big, but we are certain of our due date (Dec 28).

Pics will be posted soon!!!

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