Friday, March 12, 2010

Why We Homeschool - Part 2

Options, lots of options!

- So many curriculum options that your head will spin
- or, maybe you won't use curriculum at all! (or, like me, you can mix and match whatever works!)

- Phonics VS. whole/sight words? Your choice! And, you are free to change your mind at any time!
- Should I teach math before or after I start lunch?
- You can stick to your schedule or modify it when necessary
- classical education VS the contemporary model
- get dressed or stay in pajamas (my kids have no choice. They have to dress to be allowed at the breakfast table!)
- to vaccinate or not to vaccinate - it's up to you
- so much free stuff on the internet, check my links in the sidebar
- we can go outside for class any time (I mean to do school, not just to play... though you can certainly do that too ; )
- Mommy has a headache. OK, time for recess. It is raining? OK, watch this movie I got on space exploration. You already watched that? OK, let's get on YouTube and watch a space shuttle take off.

I love having the freedom of changing plans mid-term (ahem... mid-day!), if something is not "clicking" with the kids! I was at liberty to set aside Saxon 1, a few years ago when Rebecca was not ready yet. And, I was free to start that same course with Nelson early, as he is mathematically minded. I make decisions like this all the time, to best suit our schooling to the children's natural abilities (or short-comings).

Most importantly though, is our option to make everything in our school relate back to God. I talked about this the other day. We can start with prayer. We can use the Bible as a primer. We can copy Bible verses for handwriting practice. We can sing hymns for music lessons. We can learn that God is The Creator.
... You get the idea.

It is great to have options!


Mama in Uganda said...

Love, love options. Especially considering where/how we are raising our children. There are "lessons" to learn all around us. And the Holy Spirit to guide us in ALL things. We are blessed, "us" home schooling mamas.

Mama Hen said...

That's one of my favorite reasons of why we homeschool. There are so many options it can get overwhelming at times though!

Mama Hen said...

Bethany-I just went to your link about the Baldwin Project.!!!! I cannot believe all that have for free! This will help so much with our Veritas Press history. So excited! I am going to put it up on my blog also. Thanks so much for listing it!

Bethany said...

Glad I could help by posting those links.