Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Moderation in Food Preparation

Oops, this has been sitting in my queue for about a month.

What does being moderate in food preparation mean to me? What kind of balance am I able to realistically achieve?
We all know that refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are bad. However, what you do with that information will vary. When we were first married, everything I made for a meal came in a pre-packaged form. Every meal contained large doses of both sugar and HFCS. But, we were happy and enjoyed every meal. (Ignorance was bliss.) Last year, I removed nearly all sugar and HFCS from our diet, to the exclusion of meals with family, candy from kindly grandparents, and just about anything that comes pre-packaged. I was happy about my determination to keep my family healthy, but I hurt a lot of people in my wake. Have you tried to tell a grandparent that their candy and sweets aren't wanted... while the kids have tears in their eyes? Is such determination really necessary? Will a few pieces of candy during the month really hurt my kids?

So this is where I want to be on the sugar/HFCS issue -  I will keep cooking from scratch. I will keep making healthy breakfasts, snacks, and desserts. I will not buy cereal, Oreos, or candy. BUT, if someone gives my child a cookie, I will not refuse it. (But, I will try to limit such kindnesses received to just one.) And, when we have potluck dinners at church (every week) we can each eat one dessert.

So, the goal is preserving the health of my family without going overboard. Here is what I am coming to see: Food can be an idol, no disputing that. BUT, a person's food regimen/diet can also become an idol. (Perhaps even moderation can become an idol? But, I am in no danger of that... *laughs*)

This verse is not so very out-of-context in this application:
 "And which of you by being anxious can add a single cubit to his life 's span? Luke 12:25 (NASB77)
Even if you can add years to your life by completely abstaining from sugar and HFCS, at what cost is it purchased? Have you trampled upon the feelings of others? Have you spent so much time consumed thinking about what to eat that you missed the whole point of life?

I hope to find a balance in being a good steward of my body, good manager of my kitchen/home, yet all the while keeping an eye towards the bigger picture.

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Great thoughts, Bethany!