Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Doors of Opportunity

Paul has encouraged me to begin a new project. I started a new blog... one with a very specific purpose.

First, let me explain, a lot has happened in the past two months six months, and I do not feel adequate for explaining all the changes in this post. (But, if you peek around on the other blog you will find some information over there.)

Anyway, Paul wants me to work towards launching my professional writing career. He has laid out a plan for how to make that happen -- I guess that makes him my manager! (winks) Paul wants me to start a new blog exclusively of my analogies, short stories, and devotions to generate interest in my writing and to familiarize people with my name. In time, I will use that site (and this one) to launch my first fiction novel, which will most likely be an e-book. You all know me, so I am hoping that after I write a few more posts on the new blog you can give a shout out to your friends or link something onto Facebook. You know, give me some publicity. (smiles)

It has been a hard, hard winter. There were days I could not hardly get off of my bed. Unless you have been disabled (or married to a person who is) you probably cannot really imagine how horrible that can be. Yet, even on the worst of days I could read, pray, study, and type. I cannot often hand-write anything anymore. Half of the year my hands hurt too bad for that. The other half the year my writing is sloppy from being out of practice! But, thank God, I can type!

We are hoping that not only will God use this new blog to launch my career as a writer, but I will be able to teach people (in a subtle way) how to hang on to hope during the hard times of life.

So, without further ado, I invite you to visit my new blog (drum roll, please)...


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MamaHen said...

What? What? I love this idea Bethany and Paul!