Saturday, June 7, 2014

Photos by Nelson - History and such

Ten year old Nelson has asked me to share some of his best photos. I hope you enjoy them (and encourage him!). Nelson loved the Civil War Exhibit we visited in March at our local library. Most of the participants were Confederate, but some representatives were Union (After all, Callaway County, MO is called "Little Dixie"). And, there were even a few vivandieres. In these photos today, and in ALL of the ones he has chosen to share, you will see what makes Nelson "tick." He loves history, geography, nature, and his family better than anything else in the world. Click any photo to enlarge it.
(Becca took this one)

 Below is one picture from our local county historical society.

 These last two photos are his favorites that he took the last time we drove past the capital at Jefferson City. Top - Capital rotunda. Below - Waterfall landscaping across the street from the capital. Nelson asked me to tell you that the waterfall sounded much better than it looks in the photo.

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MamaHen said...

Nelson, these look great! I love history also. I love to read historical books and learn how people lived long ago. We have tons of Civil War museums and parks here in the South. Maybe you can come visit sometime? Mrs. Clark