Monday, February 3, 2014

Health Update - Good news!

I went back to the doctor last Friday to recheck all of the health issues that I was dealing with in the past 4-6 months. To summarize - at that time I was off-the-charts hypothyroid and there appeared to be something wrong with my brain's pituitary gland. We ruled out a tumor, but could not find the cause.

Back in November, I restarted taking Synthroid for my thyroid and my doctors advised a complete gluten elimination to help my brain. (I was not being very disciplined about gluten free diet until this past month.)

Well - I just got the results from Friday's blood work...
My thyroid is at the low end of NORMAL! 
And, my prolactin score is NORMAL! 

I am still very tired. I know I have issues to be worked through, and I am slugging away one day at a time. BUT, I see huge improvements!

- I felt good enough to be creative and finish my book (and start another book project) this past month
- My body temperature is up ONE WHOLE DEGREE!

Let's thank God for this progress and ask His mercy to continue to rain restoration and healing upon my body.


MamaHen said...

Oh sweet Bethany-I was wondering how you were doing. I am so happy you are feeling better!!!!!!! And what wonderful news about Paul's job. I imagine you and Paul just want to jump up and down with happiness. I so appreciate what you wrote about the desert-our pastor talked about this Sunday. God wants to rid us of the PUS in our lives-the Pride, the Unbelief, and the Self. For me the self if trying to make it work and figure it all out myself. I hope we can talk soon!

Bethany in Mid-MO said...

Oooh, the PUS, I like that! Thanks.


MamaHen said...

I don't know anything about this site, but came across it and thought of you. Maybe it will help??

Bean said...

Good news Bethany, glad you are feeling better.