Thursday, April 4, 2013

Summer With the Moodys - Book Review

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Last summer, I ordered Managers of Their Homes from the Maxwell family. In the back cover, there was an advertisement for a set of books written by daughter, Sarah Maxwell, The Moody Family Series. We recently got our hands on book on, Summer with the Moodys, through Inter-library Loan.

I read the book out loud to the children. Eleven year old Rebecca also read aloud parts of the book to the younger children. Overall, the book is very wholesome and entertaining. The Moody family is a Christian, home educating family with 4 children. This first book chronicles the children's adventures during their summer break from school.

What the kids liked:
- The book was very funny.
- It was a page turner, they wanted several chapters at a time

What we parents like:
(- Time spent reading to kids - invaluable!)
- No unwholesome speech or crude humor... Far from any unwholesome speech
- Teaches the children good manners
- No talk of divisive theology (at least in book 1). Nothing about any of those topics that we conservative homeschool families often heatedly dialogue about. (Though the family would appear to be what some label "quiver full," it is never taught or pushed.)

 The family is kind to one another. They love and forgive each other. We could all learn a thing or two from the Moodys. The book is very idealistic, but I guess that's not so bad. Anything that I would say against the book is not really in opposition to the book at all, but only out of frustration from my own (perceived) shortcomings. I decided not to embellish that I-am-a-failure-complex here. I'll save that for another post. {{winks}} 

We will get the other books through the library. Someday we hope to buy them. I think your family will be blessed by them too.

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