Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Poems by Rebecca and Lydia

Rebecca and Lydia wrote these poems for the local library contest. Neither girl won an award, but I know our heavenly Father is very proud of His little witnesses.

Every line in the poem had to begin with "I am from..."

By Rebecca, age 11

I am from God who loves me.
I am from Jesus Christ who died for me.

I am from peach pie and ice cream, chili and cornbread.
I am from home made bread and tacos.

I am from gardening, bird watching, fishing, horses, and kittens.
I am from climbing trees, swinging, sledding, and running.

I am from artwork, photography, reading, and music.
I am from writing letters.

I am from a family that loves.
I am from a thrilling, exciting, hugging, homeschooling, busy family.

I am from cowgirl boots, denim skirts, jewelry, and home made hair pretties.

I am from all of these things and more.           

Where I am from
By Lydia, age 7

I am from God. And God loves me.

I am from a God who provides for me, and Jesus who died on the cross for me.

I am from a family that loves me.

I am from a family that homeschools.

I am from brothers and sisters who love me.

I am from teddy bears, toys, baby dolls, and remote controlled cars too.

I am from apples, bread, and ice cream.

I am from blue jeans and hair pretties.

I am from everything that makes me Lydia.
  I am proud of my evangelistic girls!


MamaHen said...

These are wonderful! What do you think about getting Abbie and Rebecca to write to each other? It would be good practice for Abbie and maybe they could make a new friend? Sorta of like pre-historic blogging :)

Bethany in mid-MO said...

That's a great idea, Mama Hen! In the pre-historic days of our childhood I believe that was called having a pen pal. ;0)
Becca writes many,many letters but few children reply. She started to write mainly to grownups because they write back. If we have stamps I will encourage her to write soon. (So long as I remember.)