Monday, January 7, 2013

God's Pruning = New Opportunities!

Serious health update for y'all: Paul has a herniated disc in his back and other damaged discs! He cannot work at UPS for 4 weeks. He has physical therapy 3 times a week and chiropractic appointments 2-3 times a week.

So, Paul is at home during the day now.

I love having Paul at home! But, it is impossible to keep to our normal routine! So we are going to shake some things up!

For the next four weeks Paul is going to teach school and I am going to put a lot of focused time into writing one of my books. I haven't mentioned my book lately... this particular one is Christian-living, non-fiction. I have more written in this book than any of my others. And, it is the first one the Lord put on my heart. So it makes sense that I would focus my time on it. (Yes, I know I am being vague. It is deliberate.)

Paul is STRONGLY backing me in this venture! And, a few of my most trusted real-life friends have told me that this may well be the Lord's way of nudging me into writing. We feel strongly that this is the season for me to get serious about writing!

Keep us all in your prayers!

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