Friday, January 25, 2013

Big Update

I have a few big pieces of news. (No, not a new baby... what would make you think such a thing? *winks*)

1- I have a new doctor to help me with my hypothyroid condition. This new doc is a radical. I like a lot of what he has to say. But, the biggest news here is that I am going to be going gluten free (again). My doc says that everyone with my condition is gluten intolerant. And I am willing to give it a try to be whole and well! I am getting better all the time spiritually, emotionally, and physically. But, honestly, the physical part seems to be the slowest. I am more than willing to try this lifestyle change. I know I can do it. Two years ago I could not. Six years ago it would have killed me. But I have evolved enough in my cooking that I know I can do this now! (I went "raw" all summer, remember?) I can do this. And, I am excited about it! I think that this will be an answer to our prayers for Lydia too. I look forward to updating you soon.

2 - Bigger news... The Lord has been at work talking to Paul and me. (By talking, I mean that he is awakening our hearts to be sensitive to all kinds of things like the Bible, our circumstances, and words of friends.) In short, we see that we have been growing complacent. We have been merely "marking time." Our chief aims of late have been to put food on the table and pay rent. We were looking at our lives only and ignoring that there is a much greater world out there. To sum it up, God hit us upside the head and said something to the effect of, "Hey, what are you doing for my kingdom?"
Paying bills is great. Working at UPS is fine. But, we were making these things an end in themselves. And, we were not asking God very often if this is His plan. Maybe it is... we are still not sure about UPS. Paul will be re-evaluated (for his disc condition) today. We should know today if he can go back to work anytime soon. And, I cannot imagine that he can. But, I will let you know something when I can.

So, what does this mean? Well, everything. And yet, maybe nothing. We might just stay right where we are and keep doing what we are doing for years to come. Paul and I have been asking some tough questions.
I asked Paul, "Of all the people we know of, who do you most want to be like?" And, "Are you working towards that goal?" Paul thought that he would never want to preach/pastor again because of the great wounds we encountered at our last church. And, we were about to leave the so-called "institutional church" forever because of the wounds inflicted upon us by one church with big "issues."
But, when we ask what the Lord wants we see something else. We remember that Paul has a calling on his life to preach and to teach. He has an anointing in these areas, He has God-given gifts. So, what do we need to do to be good stewards of these gifts?

These are all thoughts and questions... no decisions have been made. We just want to be aware of what God is doing and keep going in that direction rather than just marking time.

Please keep our family in your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Though you may feel like you are at a stand-still "marking time", remember that you are in the trenches raising children. That can seem like an endless string of little chores that never end, but I know you know the big picture! Continue to pour yourself into your little ones and be encouraged that it is a seriously good thing you are doing. Food on the table and paying rent are what allow you to do this ministry.

I know gluten-free used to terrify you but I'm sure you can do it. Especially if you are going to feel better and be healthier!

I will pray for you this week and for God's direction.

Mrs. B.