Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Update on my health

Starting in late May I had terrible, terrible abdominal pains. I thought maybe it was a feminine issue and I wrote it off. After a short time I began having diarrhea with my abdominal pain. I thought this was some kind of virus and I did not worry too much. But, each day the symptoms worsened. And, each day the amount of time I spent in the bathroom lengthened. A few nights ago the pain was at its worst. I was literally on the toilet for hours. Paul was scared that I was having some kind of problem with my internal organs. All of my symptoms (I did not write them all here) fitted perfectly with appendicitis. So, that night Paul took me to ER.

In the ER I was put through a CT scan, which happens to be the best diagnostic tool for abdominal issues. They also did a stool sample. The CT looked fantastic! Nothing at all is wrong with my appendix, liver, spleen, kidneys, or colon. We were able to rule out MANY life-threatening issues!

They now assume that the problem is intestinal bacteria. It takes 3 days to get the culture. I should hear results of what bacteria we are dealing with tomorrow.

The doctor in ER wanted me to take 2 different antibiotics. I took the scripts home and refused to receive a dose at the time. I spoke to both my naturopath and my primary care physician (as well as the pharmacist!) and neither wants me to take the meds while breastfeeding. (One of them is contraindicated while breastfeeding.) My naturopath recommended some homeopathic remedies for the diarrhea as well as the bacteria. My primary care physician is not opposed to me trying this method first.

I am not being foolhardy. I will not risk my health further. I feel confident that between the care of these two physicians I will be well soon.

TODAY, I have been drinking a special "tea" of marshmallow root and slippery elm bark at meal times. And, I am drinking juices between meals. I really do feel stronger than I did when I woke up this morning! I am retaining most of my liquid food. Just so you know, I am drinking more veggies than fruits, so I am not expecting any kind of sugar spiking or anything like that. And, since someone in a comment on the previous post brought it up - I am not diabetic. My doctors are both aware of my recent dietary changes and they applaud them. This sickness is not related to juicing... unless I somehow picked up a bacteria from my produce. We just don't know where I picked up this "bug."

I tried toast an hour ago and I am not cramping... so I might be able to slowly introduce soft, light foods!

I would appreciate if you keep praying for me. I am still not moving around much. I will keep you posted on my convalescence. Thank you for your prayers!

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Thriftynestof7 said...

So sorry!! Just catching up on blogs, and didn't know your not feeling well. We'll keep you in our prayers!!

Kris A.