Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back to "the old diet"

I think it has been 10 weeks since I radically changed my diet by cutting out: caffeine, sodas, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and then grains and dairy.

In that time I lost 20 pounds from sheer self-control and determination. Then I got sick and lost another 8 or so pounds. I am down 28 pounds!

So - now what? Well, I have reintroduced grains and dairy... and sugar in moderation.

The Primary reason that I reintroduced grains and dairy was/is because I cannot afford the diet of 50-75% fruits/veggies that I was on before!!! We tried it. I worked hard to try to make it work. But, in the end - wheat, oats, and corn MUST be a cheap staple in my home!!! So, we have gone back to our meatless diet of rice, beans, potatoes, lentils, breads, etc. And, I am okay with that! in fact, since the grocery bill dropped so much I am elated with this  change!

I enjoyed my organic juices. I just cannot afford organic fruit on a regular basis. I can't really afford to do the juicing either. When we started this diet we kept saying "this is just for mommy," or "mommy needs her juice." But, what mommy in her right mind can deny healthy food when her kids ask for it?! So, I just don't do the juicing anymore. (And, my brand new juicer broke. Hence my removal of the affiliate link. I withdraw my endorsement until I know that the company will stand by their product and fix it or return our money.)

I like rice and beans... maybe not so much as my "morning juice." But, I like it. And, I like lentils. They are good. And, my garden will be producing soon... we have gotten a few zucchinis. And, the tomatoes should turn eventually. So, I am not complaining. This post is about informing, not complaining.

This is the right course of action. The General of the House let me try the new diet for as long as he could without going bankrupt to buy organic veggies. 

This is not a big deal... just a little information for anyone who might care.

And, because NYLass asked, here is a recent picture of me - after 28 pounds lost!
I have lost 14% of my total body weight! That sounds more impressive than "28 pounds," doesn't it?


MamaHen said...

28 pounds sounds very impressive to me! Wow! You have been disciplined and worked hard and it is showing.

NYLass said...

YEA!! There's the Mama!!
You look so healthy and strong (and also skinny)!!!
Big HUG!! to you and your beautiful family... we are still praying - including for the new order that God has brought!
We serve such an awesome God!!

MamaHen said...

Bethany-I finally got to the post office today and put the magazines in the mail. Hopefully you will get them soon!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's great to hear you feeling good, finding a good balance of healthy foods, and having tangible results. -Mrs. B