Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finding the Good in the Bad

Reposted 11-04-2011

Sometimes you really gotta work to find the good hidden amongst the bad. Some days it hits you in the head.

Well, I did not whine about it mention it earlier, but our kitchen faucet broke this past week. We have been turning the hot water on and off at the valve below the sink. It has been frustrating, but I realize that in the grand scheme of things - this was nothing! I have a friend in Africa who probably does not have running water (do you?). There are folks all over the world who have to boil water, rather than find it coming easily from the tap.

So, firstly, I am grateful to be reminded that hot water/indoor plumbing is a luxury that we should praise God for!

Secondly, when Paul replaced the faucet he found something. Under the sink was a metal plate. The plate was supposed to be covering a large hole, but had been dislodged. Paul said, "This is where the rat probably came in." And, in typical hero fashion, he nailed the metal plate down over the hole.

Thank you, Lord, for giving me cause to appreciate running water. And, thank you for showing us a very large how where rodent and potentially snakes could come in.


A family being transformed said...

We do have city water, but it is inconsistent at best :-) We have two rain water collection tanks--which work amazingly well in the rainy season. When the city water is on, we fill two large "containers" that sit outside the kitchen door. As for hot water, now that is a luxury we DO NOT have, ever. If one wants a warm bucket bath, you have to boil water on the gas burner. There you have it :-)

A family being transformed said...

I forgot to mention, the city water is laden with typhoid and other nasty "diseases."

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

Thanks for the reality check, friend. I have a LOT to be grateful for!

Julie@ULM said...


This post really blessed me. Thanks so much for writing. I, too, had one line of my sink break - the hot water. (We have lots of critters, too.) And I was telling the Lord that I must learn to be grateful as I had just read that young girls in Africa can't go to school because it is their job to fetch water. Sometimes they must walk over 5 miles to fetch that water! So I am grateful for running water in my little house.

Blessings, Julie Ashley

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

Thanks for commenting. I am glad the post blessed you!