Saturday, July 17, 2010

Farm Photos

My FIL's farm:

The horse's wind break. Dad keeps the hay in this barn.

The hay rake - a day off!

Josey, Rebecca's favorite horse.

Organized chaos! My father in law's work bench.

What? Don't you store once fancy chandeliers in the barn? No? Well, my father in law does.


NYLass said...

wow! nice pictures..
was he a machinist? if not what did he do... really cool work bench

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

Not a mechanist. But, like my Paul, he is a jack of all trades. His career (aside from being a farmer) was truck driving. Most of that time he hauled cars. He did not retire from old age, though. He broke his back in 1999 when he fell off the top of the car bed.

As for the car in the background, Paul does most of the automotive work. They used to restore cars together.