Thursday, January 30, 2014

BIG news- Paul's job

Note: Re-published in Sept 2015. I took this post down for a while, because it hurt so much to look at it. But, God's Way is best. Paul has not been at UPS since Feb 2014. 

I have some more BIG news for y'all!

After all the waiting... all the years... all the drama...

Paul has been feeling well and we hope that he will be able to continue for a long time. But, if something better were to come up, Paul would happily leave UPS for equal wages and benefits (not likely that any such job will present itself, but you never know.)

I imagine that quite a few small and big life changes will follow this BIG change. Time will tell... but, I will give you a clue, I am pretty certain our housing situation will change first. More on that another day.

As for my book - I am editing it again, because it seems that every third sentence (at least) ends in a preposition. Since the dialogue sounds like real-life talking, I don't think I will change it very much. But, I can surely stretch my brain enough to re-arrange some sentences in the narrative.

I am reading the book to the children - they LOVE it! They laugh at the right places... so, that's a good sign. They are too young to cry at the heart-wrenching stuff, but they look at me (as if on cue) to get a look at my face. And, yes, my own book does make me cry. It gives me goosebumps too. I like to read it... which is good... because every stinkin' time I re-read it I find more grammatical or thematic errors. I am still praying about when/where/how to publish. There are a lot of options, but not much money to work with.

That's all for now. I'll try to update you again soon. I go back to the doctor this Friday. Maybe we will get some more clarity on the ups and downs of my health. Oh - by the way - I am off gluten again. Maybe this time it will stick. Adios!


Arthur Sido said...

That is great news! I was thinking about you the other day when we passed a Fed Ex truck and wondered if that would ever happen for Paul (different company but the sentiment is the same).

Bean said...

That is awesome news Bethany. Congratulations to Paul. Hopefully the Woods family fortunes are on the way UPS :)

Praise be to GOD, he always provides.


Bethany in Mid-MO said...

Thank you Arthur and Bean for your congratulations!