Monday, March 25, 2013

Paul Went Back to Work

Today was Paul's first day back on the preload at UPS since his herniated discs were diagnosed. He has finished his course of physical therapy to satisfy the doctor who then released him to go back to work. Paul is SO happy to be back at work. Even though we won't actually see a paycheck until Friday of next week, he feels like the bread winner again. He is singing in the kitchen right now! Such a difference from last week! Oh - and he may be delivering the air packages often again, which is wonderful!

We humans are made to work. Paul works outside of the home, so being without that work made him a little despondent for a time. Similarly, my work is in the home. And, when I cannot do my work I am more than a little discouraged. And, I have been really "sick" lately with my overall health. I am not sick to my stomach, I don't have the flu. What I have is a few debilitating chronic issues that get me down from time to time.

My hypothyroid condition has been really awful lately. I think that I mentioned that I switched to from synthetic thyroid medicine to desiccated thyroid called Naturethroid. While my doctor and I have great hopes for this medicine change-  it came with a warning. The doc told me in no uncertain terms that the first month I would feel really terrible. I had hoped that he would be wrong. I had hoped that I could defeat the norm through prayer, but he was right. My strength, energy, and vitality plummeted when I switched. It has been slowly improving as I keep raising my Naturethroid dose to try to find the optimum amount. But, in the meantime, I feel awful.

I am not able to do much school. I get tired and irritable too quickly. I nap a lot. I am not "depressed," but I am discouraged that my abilities are so limited at this time. I know that it is temporary. I think that better health will come soon.

Meanwhile, I keep thinking that we should have moved South years ago. Every year we talk about moving for my health, and every year we put it off. Here it is mid-March and I am coming out of the winter fog again. We are still searching for the root causes of my autoimmune issues, my chronic vitamin d deficiency, etc., but in the mean time I wish I could be somewhere soaking in sunshine year round. It sure couldn't hurt, right?

So, long story short - Paul is much, much better! With his last evaluation at the Physical Therapist his strength had improved 165% from his first visit. But, I am worse. I am so, so sick of this up and down based on the weather and the seasons.

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