Friday, February 1, 2013

Gluten Free Baking

We have been gluten free for a week and one day. To the best of my knowledge we have not consumed any gluten (except trace amounts here, there, and everywhere.) I was not planning to introduce baking, because 1) we are trying to cut back (strictly limit) carbs and starches; and 2) have you eaten gluten free breads?! (keep reading!)

But, as I was looking through a plethora of GF cookbooks, I found one lady who actually had some good ideas about cooking and baking. And, this morning I made GF biscuits for breakfast. And they were delicious! I am so very impressed. I will definitely be buying the cookbook The Healthy Gluten-Free Life on of these days! And, from what I have seen and sampled so far I highly recommend that you buy it for any GF family or friends! (The cookbook is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and sometimes nut-free.)

Yes, GF baking does require a million ingredients compared to cooking with whole wheat flour, but I think I will get used to it. The price tag on the flours is a little insane (Bob's Red Mill certainly has the monopoly corner on the market.) I plan to put in an order with my UNFI coop soon to buy my flours in bulk. I imagine that will be a grocery bill with some serious sticker shock. But, health is NOT a luxury! This diet is for our health! I want to be able to function and live!

Onto other topics - If you have been with me since I started blogging in 2008 then you know that I have been battling with hypothyroidism since I was a young girl. In March 2008 I heard about natural dessicated thyroid for the first time. And, on March 26, 2008, I blogged about a website called Stop The Thyroid Madness which rocked my world.

Since that time I have been all over the map with my thyroid health. But even when my labwork said I was "normal," I was weak, tired, suffering, disabled, etc. I prayed for years about a doctor who would work with me and try Armour dessicated thyroid medication. Well, as it turns out, my new doctor is the answer to 4 years of prayer! He actually recommended the Stop the Thyroid madness website and book to me! Sometimes I do not at all understand God's ways! But, rather than trying to figure out why God waited 4 years, I will focus on thanking Him now for this Divine Intervention.

But, I have a prayer request y'all. My doctor is openly un-Christian. I think - NO, I KNOW that God has sent me to this doctor just as much as He sent the doctor to me. This doctor's need is far greater than my own. And, I want to witness to him. I plan to witness to Him. Please be praying for me as I look for the perfect opportunity to speak for the Lord. Pray that the Holy Spirit will alert me to the right time and give me the right words.

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