Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paying Attention

It is absolutely amazing how big your sphere of influence 
enlarges just because you open your eyes and pay attention.

So much of the time I am tired, so I tend to run in "survival mode."

[Insert] I am picturing a computer that is running in black and white "safe mode." The computer is protecting itself from bringing up programs that are infected with virus. Safe mode in my computer is a temporary "fix" while I am able to go examine files to look for and extract damaged files and viruses. Sometimes, without meaning to (and sometime intentionally) we Christians operate on safe mode long term. [end insert]

I have been living more intentionally. I have been expecting God to use every mundane act of life to bring me someone to witness to. I pray as I drive to the gas station or grocery store, "Lord, I am open to being used by You. Show me what to do, where to go, and what to say."

Today at the gas station (the same station that I mentioned before) I was able to talk with one of the employees that I have been gradually and intentionally building a relationship with. Here is how it all began a few weeks ago - I saw her walking funny and asked if she was in pain. She answered. I told her I would pray for her that day. The next time I saw her I remembered to ask about that previous issue. My one question of concern opened her life to me! She now anticipates that I care about her and welcomes my prayers. Today she will have some medical testing done to determine the cause of some of her troubles. She asked me to come and see her again tomorrow.

All this, because I took time to pay attention.

Another example - in the ER waiting room there was a woman alone and in great pain. I went to her and asked if I could pray for her pain. She happily received my prayers. And within second she was talking to me about all kinds of things and I had a big smile over the fact that her pain was clearly forgotten!

Other examples:
- servers in restaurants, and medical staff (and many other folks!) wear name tags. Many people have Bible names and do not know it. I like to tell them the story behind their name.

- Does an old person need help in the grocery check out line? Often they do!

- visit the same gas station every time you need gas or a coke

- In a small town grocery store you can choose the line of one cashier every visit.

- The librarian you see every week

There are just so many ways before us to serve people and to tell them about Jesus - if we just pay attention!

There are seasons of our life where survival mode may be a necessity (new baby, sick kids, etc), but let's not stay there forever. Let's be a people who watch for opportunities to bless others and show the the Love of our Lord!

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Thanks for this great reminder!