Friday, August 24, 2012

God Has Changed My Heart

God has changed my heart. I used to be too busy judging hurting people to try to help their spiritual needs.

Today I witnessed to a whole bus of college aged kids who were living a life of open sin and rebellion (against God and authority). I spoke to them in love and I told them about my Jesus. This conversation is missing some sentences here and there. I spent more time with them than this post shows. Oh - and Rebecca was with me within earshot. She was in the van.

I offered to help them if their bus was broken down.
They gave me some beads, because I was "so nice."

I said: "What do these beads mean to you."
Girl: "They mean we love you."
Me: "Thank you, I love you too."
I asked if they were a church, because their bus had a church name on it... (though I asked more as a leading question than anything else. I could pretty much tell they were not a church). The kids were pouring out of the gas station with cases and cases of beer and ice.

At this point I was going to walk away. But, I heard them saying that I did not know what they really were. (Because they were in a church labeled bus). So, I turned back around.

Me: "It does not matter to me if you are a church or the exact opposite of one. I still love you all. And, I would still want to help you."
Girl: "Aww, you're so sweet."
Boy: "Give her more beads."
They gave me more beads.
More and more kids coming to the bus with beer and such.
They said, "Hey, this lady offered to help us."
Other boy: "You should come with us... join our church." (Said with a sneer.)
Me: "No, man. I have a better church. I have God in me. I don't have anything against alcohol, but I have something better - Jesus in my heart."
At the mention of Jesus there was a sudden outburst of loud and violent swearing and crude speech.

The conversation was over.

I put gas in my van and went inside to pay. (I took Becca in with me.)

I prayed for them as I drove away. God has broken my heart for them. I wish I could have snatched the girl away from them. But, God will in His Time. I did my part. I sowed a seed. Now, I am asking God to water it.


Tracy's corner said...

good for you. maybe you planted a seed or two.

Bethany in mid-MO said...

Good to see you again. Have not seen a comment from you for a while. Hope all is well at your place!
Thanks for the comment!

MamaHen said...

I remember one time our family was at Six Flags and were standing in line with a whole bunch of other hot sweaty stinky people and I looked around in disgust (even though I was right there with them in being sweaty and stinky). All of a sudden I thought, "What would Jesus be doing if He were in this line?" He would not be looking at us in disgust. He would be delighted and happy to be with us. He would have compassion for all of us silly sheep. So many of my thoughts changed that day. We are all just a bunch of sinful humans who desperately need a Shepherd. Of course sin is sin, but I think that day I saw myself with "all the sinners" and saw just how much I and they need Jesus.

I am proud of you for speaking up. You have encouraged me.

Pam Pinney said...

1 Corinthians 3:7 YEA GOD!!! Believing YOU for the increase in Jesus name! Amen!
Go Bethany!