Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why We Don't Send out Family Photos (HUMOR)

If you give a mama a camera, 
chances are she will want to take a picture of her kids.
So, she will wash off the peanut butter, jelly, syrup and whatever else is on the two year old. 
Then, she will want to dress the kids in "good" clothes.
At this point, the four year old will announce that he has not had clean underwear since Sunday. 
The eight year old will have trouble finding any pants without holes in them.
After these crises are averted Mama will go upstairs to get the camera.
Chances are, the camera is missing. 
After looking for the camera for an hour, she finds it under the toddler's crib. 
Upon rejoicing over the lost camera, Mama discovers that the battery is dead. 
Mama has to recharge the camera for two hours. 
Just before lunch, and before the baby gets more food in his hair, Mama will want to try to get a picture. 
Now that the camera is charged, the display shows that the memory is full.
Mama thinks that it will take just a couple of minutes to empty off the hundreds of pictures taken of walls and toilets that were taken in the previous days. 
But, chances are, when Mama plugs in the camera the children will want to watch the videos the made the day before. 
Mama will be stuck watching this nonsense for an hour before everyone announces that they are dying of starvation. 
So, mama will make lunch.
Chances are, the baby will get mashed potatoes in his hair
 and will need another bath. 
After his bath, the baby is rubbing his eyes 
and Mama will decide to try again later.
Chances are - when the baby and toddler are awake from their naps Mama will want to dress them up again in good clothes. 
At this point, Mama will go grab the camera before they 
can get into anything else. 
When Mama gets to the place where she left her camera chances are
it will be gone. 
The children used it to make new videos during nap time.

This, my friends, is why we rarely send out family photos.

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MamaHen said...

Oh my Bethany-you hit the nail on the head with this one! It is a banner day at my house when the camera has the memory card in it and the battery is charged at the same time. Its like a party!