Saturday, July 14, 2012

Morning Freshness

I woke up surprisingly early this morning and my first thought was to get outside! Yesterday we had a cool front come through AND RAIN! We all praise God for rain and ask Him to please send more soon!

This morning I enjoyed the cooler temperatures and the morning dew! Click on any photo to being up the enlargements page.

Sunflowers at full height 6-8 feet tall. 
The dark blob in front of one of the middle heads it is a humming bird.

I did not plant this watermelon.
It showed up as a volunteer a few weeks after I planted my garden.
The original "seed leaves" were unidentifiable. 
But when I recognized the watermelon leaves I decided not to "weed it out," but to let it grow.
I took this picture to show the dew on the grass!!! Dew, friends, we had a dew!!! 

Before sunrise.

Baby cantaloupe. 
Already the size of a softball.

Bean Trellis. I put cardboard underneath to prevent weed growth. 

My happy little garden.
The bare spots were lettuce and potatoes that have been harvested.
We will manure those areas just as soon as I can wield a shovel again.
We will replant for a fall garden very soon!!!

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