Friday, August 12, 2011

I Join in the Song

I Know to Whom She is Singing

As she perches in the tree outside my window, her song is immaculate. The wren is never off-key. She never starts on the wrong pitch. I humor myself thinking that she knows I am listening and she is singing just for me. Her home is in the clothesline pole. She cheers me while I hang out my laundry to dry. The task used to rank among the menial and mundane. But, with Mrs. Wren to serenade me, I rejoice to hear the washer finish its spin cycle. Fortunately for me, I do not have to attempt to generate extra laundry as an excuse to go outside for a few minutes alone. There is always a laundry pile of generous proportions awaiting me.

I hear Mrs. Wren singing and something inside me wants to sing too! I know to whom she is singing! She is rejoicing in her creator. She is glad to be alive. Yes, perhaps the only tasks that await her are the very same she completed just yesterday – feed her babes, gather yet more nesting supplies, fly to and fro gathering feed for her growing family – but she seems to awake with eagerness to perform these tasks. She even sings as she is moving along. The mother in my takes notice… does she not see that the task would be completed faster if she did not stop to sing her song three times on that branch, before heading to another branch to do it again, before returning to her home? But, she sees things a different way. She knows that she has this whole day ahead of her made just for her to sing and work, sing and work, sing and work. She does not stop to consider whether or not singing takes time away from her chores… she simply answers the call in her to rejoice in the Lord always.

The Lord has used the sweet song of the wren to stir my heart. He wants to hear me praise. He gave me this day to sing and work, sing and work, sing and work. He wants me to take time to sing and praise in the midst of the chores I am attending too. This is what I am created for.

The wren’s song brings The Creator glory.
My song brings The Creator glory.
The wren’s song brings a smile to The Father’s face.
My song brings a smile to The Father’s face.

I choose to join in the song, because I Know to Whom She is Singing!

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Mama Hen said...

Beautiful post Bethany. Now I will be on the lookout (ear-out?) for the birds singing in my yard...