Thursday, August 17, 2017

Update 08/17/2017

Wow! It has been a long time since I have written an update! I will try to get some recent pictures up in the next few days, but for now you will have to settle for words only.

 There've been a number of changes in our family life since 2016. In November 2016, Paul moved to Pittsfield, Illinois by himself to secure an Illinois residency in an effort to get a job working for the state of Illinois. The rest of our family moved to Illinois in January 2017.  Paul was indeed able to get hired by the state of Illinois, in the department of corrections.  Paul had his training academy in February and March. And then our family needed to move to be closer to the prison where he was to be working at full-time. Paul has now been working in the field of corrections for three years.

 Since March, our family has been living in a small house while we try to figure out where we would land more permanently. We needed to get to know the area better before entering a long-term commitment here. As it turns out, we have found that most of the activities of our daily life are located in Edwardsville, Illinois. We go to church in Edwardsville, we go to Brain Balance in Edwardsville, we go to the YMCA in Edwardsville. So we are pretty much there every day of the week! ( I will talk more about Brain Balance in another post!)

 We recently learned about a farmhouse for rent much closer to the town of Edwardsville, so it made perfect sense for us to arrange to rent it.  So, even though no one wants to move more than once in a year, we will be moving at the end of August. We hope to remain in the next house as long as is humanly possible. As much as I like to move, I don't care to move again for a long time. Enough is enough.  Seriously, I think I must've packed my brain in a box when Paul moved to Pittsfield last fall... Because I haven't seen it since. ;)

 Today I was reading through my old blog postings, and it struck me that in times past I have been very clever and quick-witted.  I'm not sure where that clever mama went off to, but I hope she will find her way back into my brain in the coming years.  I truly miss blogging. And I hope to begin doing it more. But, this is shaping up to be one of our busiest school years ever. Rebecca will be in 10th grade, Nelson 8th, Lydia 7th, Joshua 5th, Josiah 2nd, and Jeremiah kindergarten. I am thrilled to say that Edwardsville, Illinois has a phenomenal homeschool co-op, actually there's more than one. I have decided to plunge in headfirst by teaching a class! This is going to be a busy year!

 All the same, I really miss my blog posting and my blog friends! I will try not to be such a stranger! Keep your eye out for pictures in the coming days! 

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