Thursday, October 13, 2016

When daydreaming brings better vision...

As sometimes happens, I was hit with some deep thoughts while I was in the middle of daydreaming.
What would happen, what would it be like, if I became blind? (This isn't exactly prose... neither is it any type of poetry I am familiar with. We could call it meandering mind... or derailed train of thought that took me to the destination that was better than the one I anticipated.) Some of this was written with my actual weaknesses in mind, but some of it is written with every woman in mind.

What if I became blind?
If I became blind, would I finally see?
Would I more clearly see the people that surround me?
Would I fall more in love with my husband as he served me and daily laid down his life for me?
Would I hear the hurt in the voices of the broken, where previously my eyes were deceived by fake smiles and make-up?
Would I love people without seeing such things as tattoos and ear rings?
Would all the designations of beauty that the World gives mean anything at all?
Would I see for the first time that some of God's most beautiful souls are hidden in bodies of people who are "fat," "short," or "too tall?"
Would I love people more if I couldn't see the car they drove? The brand of clothes they wear? Or the color of their hair?
Would I love people more if I couldn't see acne or a smile muted by the crooked teeth it revealed?
Would I see my own daughter, who is covered with white patches (caused by vitiligo) as even more beautiful than I already know her to be?
How would it feel if I was no longer distracted by hair styles or eyebrows?
Would I be free of forming instant judgments about people?
Would I love more freely?
Would I more readily hug those who might presently make me cringe?
Would I see what true beauty is?
Would I better hear the cries of the hearts of others without the limitation of sight?
Would I love people from all walks of life with more fervor?
Would you drop me off on the "wrong side of town" and I could be free from the burden of such labels?
Would I see myself as beautiful, if I was no longer enslaved to a mirror and a scale?
Would I discover what really matters?

Lord, free me of my wretched human sight and let me see through Your Eyes! As I enjoy the rich colors of autumn, I rejoice! As I look forward to a day of daughters parading down the aisle in white, I rejoice! As I see my husband's eyes - so blue, so gentle - I rejoice! But, I want to see more than my human eyes can see. Remove the limitations of human sight and let me see people through the eyes of love! Transform my heart, that I would truly SEE! In Jesus Name, Amen.

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