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Book Review - Wingfeather Saga

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The Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson is an incredibly entertaining and encouraging series! I read the books first to see what they were about. And, then I re-read the series aloud to the children over the past few months. (This series is a great way to rack up homeschooling hours!) I loved hearing the book through their ears, while they folded laundry or colored quietly. (Yes, friends, that is one of my motherhood secrets right there. Bribe the kids to fold laundry by reading aloud. Just kidding. I love read alouds for their own sake! The laundry is a bonus.)

Short summary- Book One, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, begins the epic adventure of the Igiby Family. They are pursued by evil while making unlikely allies around every corner. The fictional creatures they come against in their journey add yet another spark of interest to an already difficult escape.

The characters of the Wingfeather Series are fictional, yet very real. The plot is exciting and drives forward with momentum. The fantasy locations of the book are ingenious and the fantasy creatures and foods range from laugh out loud funny to turn your stomach queasy (or both at the same time). Every detail of this series is well thought out and well written. I have no qualms comparing this series as a modern day epic adventure like the Hobbits went on, or like Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy experienced in Narnia. Yes, I think this series is that good!

I don't know how Peterson would sum up the theme of the book, but I think the undercurrent of the book is individual struggling with the darkness inside of yourself and how it affects the people around you. There is also a strong element of how facing your own demons can change the world (for better or for worse). It is hard to explain this without completely spoiling the book for you. I wish I could give specific examples, this series is ideal for essays on character, plot, theme, etc! (oooh, more homeschool credits!)

The characters were children and adults that my family could easily identify with! One child seems a bit selfish and impulsive, another child is sweet and tender yet brave, another child is studious and decisive. Other characters have hidden or dark pasts that they are trying to overcome. The children work together to fight against evil. The children have certain talents that allegorically represent spiritual gifts. The whole book has a strong allegorical leaning. The tale will lead to thoughtful discussions around the dinner table.

The Wingfeather Saga is a must read for Christian families! It will be a blessing to every age group! I highly recommend adding this to your family library!

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