Sunday, October 20, 2013

Regarding Employment

A quick update about Paul's job before I write the post I got online to write...

Paul is still employed with UPS, but we see this as being temporary (whether "temporary" is 2 months or two decades we cannot say...). There are those in management who are not pleased that Paul was rehired. Besides this, Paul's body is weary and worn from the work of the job. He has just finished his second week of full-time hours and he is sore in many places. His herniated discs as well as his hernias bother him. So, we do not assume that UPS is a forever job. We have peace with that.

MANY people have asked if Paul is looking for other work. Yes, he is, so much as a man working 50+ hours per week is able to do AND as much as a man with 6 children is able to do. We have a need for a greater income than a man can make simply working at Dollar General distribution center (which is a few miles away) or working for the state hospital or prison (neither of which jobs appeal to Paul in the least bit anyway). So, he daily checks the internet listings for jobs, but nothing eligible for our needs seems to be available at this time. We are content to stay at UPS until the Lord makes another way plain. Right now it pays the bills and puts food on the table. This is of chief importance for a family coming out of nearly a year of zero to little income.

We are learning to be content in all things. What more can I say? For now, Paul has a job that pays for rent and food. To God be the glory!

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MamaHen said...

Bethany-I have been in and out so happy to hear this update from you. I'm happy that he is well enough to work and will keep praying that God will continue to provide.