Friday, September 13, 2013

Life Altering Decision (AKA-Kangaroo Court)

As I wrote y-day, Paul's job has been in limbo...

UPS determined that (though Paul was not at fault in the accident) the accident was "avoidable." It would hurt your brain for me to explain the exact way they determined that. Just take my word for it, it makes no sense. So, Paul lost his driving job. He will not be going full time this month as we were anticipating. Two weeks ago, Paul was told that he would start this month. Today he was fired.

BUT, thanks to (or maybe, no thanks to) the union, Paul is still allowed to work part time on the preload. Unfortunately, Paul's back is still unable to physically handle that job (because of the herniated discs).

SO...long story short, since Paul cannot do the work that he is allowed to do with UPS, he intends to quit Monday.

We are at peace with this decision. Truly. We are angry about the injustice of firing him on the grounds that the accident was "avoidable," when it was not...but God is at work. God is in this. God is all over this. We are going to move forward trusting that God will show us what to do next.

Please pray. 

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Bean said...

Praying for you guys. And glad that you are at peace with the decision.

Blessings to you,