Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family Photo - Aug 2013

Our most recent family photo! Nelson (9) and Rebecca (11) are behind the bench. Josiah (3) is in my lap, then Lydia (8, as of Aug 18th), Joshua (6), and Jeremiah (1 1/2) in the stroller.

Now check out this photo, on the same exact bench from September 2010!


Bean said...

You are blessed with such a lovely family - great pictures, and the children are getting so grown up.

Please pray for us, my husband was diagnosed with a hernia and has to have surgery, he will be off work for while, he works construction, so no work no pay. Fortunately I work part time so we should manage and we have some savings to carry us through. I will be glad when he is feeling back to normal and recuperated.


Bethany in Mid-MO said...

I understand and I will be praying for provision to be sent your way! As you have been a blessing to others, may it exponentially be done unto you!

Kris@ourthriftynestof7 said...

All are growing so fast!
Great to hear from you!


MamaHen said...

What a beautiful family!