Wednesday, November 28, 2012

At the library 11-28

I escaped for a few moments of freedom at the library. I was hoping for a computer with little hole-thingy for our memory card to slide into. (Hey, I know the use, even if I don't know terminology). But, alas, no-can-do. I will have to locate my USB cable for the camera and download any newer pics onto my flash drive... one of these days.

We are all well.

Biggest event in my life - we are now using wood heat. This is my first time ever with wood heat, and we started Saturday night. I could write volumes. Instead, I will just tell you that I think that by the time our lease is out I ought to know how to use a fireplace insert.

I peeked in at a few of your blogs, but did not take time to comment. I am counting my precious minutes here - literally....

The house is working out very well for us. We are SO, SO, SO glad to be out of the parsonage! Some of us are much healthier and happier!!! And, we really like our new home. It suits us. If only I had internet...

Paul is working crazy hours with UPS peak season. He started going in at 2 this week. Bah humbug. And, he will be picking up another seasonal UPS job. And he is still with U-Haul. He's a busy (tired) boy.

Bye for now. Hope to check back again soon. You can leave comments, but I may not be able to read them for a long time.

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