Wednesday, October 6, 2010

House Pics

I am posting these pictures mainly for my family. They want to know that we have found something better than what we are in now. I am certain these will pass inspection.

 Living Room, looking into the front yard.
 Dining Area and Kitchen.
 Funny little boy - dining area.
 Looking down the hallway.
 Girls Room.
 Boys' Room.
Our Room.

Back Deck.

I also wanted to tell you all that we met our home schooling neighbors tonight! The daughter (age 14), told me right away that they had been praying for homeschooling neighbors! And, we met the dad of that family. He and Paul talked for a while. There family has chickens, turkeys, and many aspirations to raise more animals. I think we will get along well!


Tan said...

Love it! Fantastic.

April said...

Bethany, it looks perfect! I can't wait to see once you put your personal "stamp" on it!

A Country Helpmeet said...

Wow! Very nice! I am so happy for you.

God Bless!

Kimberly said...

It's a mansion!! And room to roam outside too! Very nice!

Chris said...

Wow!! Looks absolutely stunning! Please post more pics when it's all furnished! :D

Ruby said...

This looks great, Bethany! Mind you, I have said before, your old house looked all right in all your pics as well - maybe except the ones of the rotten verandah. Your new place looks like a palace and I will try not to be covetous :-)
Hope the move and everything goes well. A new house and home school friends/ neighbours.... Praise God!

Bean said...

God is GOOD!

Your old landlord really did you guys a huge favor, if he hadn't have asked you to leave you never would have found this beautiful new home.

You have truly found a HOME!!

God Bless you all.

Mama Hen said...

Wow, what a huge beautiful house!!!!! So happy for your family.

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...

I am glad everyone approves! I will post pics of the unfinished basement next week.


Bluebell Country said...

Praise Jesus!! Love it Bethany! Thank you Lord for your wonderful answer to prayer and provision for the Woods family...You just don't know how excited I am for you, and for you to get settled into your new home. It looks lovely and I know your looking forward to cooking your first meal in that wonderfully open big kitchen. It's fabulous!!
Hugs and blessings dear friend, Kris

NYLass said...

Yeah!! What GREAT pictures!!!
We all loved them! Lots of OOoos and aahhhs... :O)
Maggie loved the ceilings - how neat they look. If only we lived close enough to help... :o(
Praise you Lord, Praise you!!
Help me to remember this when I doubt...
Thank you Wood family for sharing, what a blessing you guys are!

Sarah said...

Oh, Bethany!! It's beautiful! Everything looks so nice, and it looks like it is in a wonderful setting as well. I am so happy and excited for you all! I am sure you can hardly wait to move in. :)

Bethany W. in mid-MO said...


I am very excited! There is just so much work to be done! And, the kids are going to be so off schedule by the time we are re-settled! But, that's okay, because we will just establish a new schedule!