About Bethany

Nice to meet you, I’m Bethany. I have been married for to Paul since December 1999. I have 6 children: Rebecca, Nelson, Lydia, Joshua, Josiah, and Jeremiah. I started blogging so that I would feel certified to teach my children about computers in school. But, along the way, I became addicted found out that I really enjoy blogging! I like having a link to the outside world. I spend most of my days at home… typically in the school room or the kitchen.

A little about my personality:
I am a Christian.
I am an aspiring author, with many works in progress.
I am serious, but not stoic.
I like having fun, but I am not a jokester.
I tend to skip over the small talk and jump straight into hard core conversation.
I love the Midwest.
I daydream about having my own livestock.
I am not a perfect mom, but I am trying to improve daily.
I love to read and write.
I love to sing and play music.
I enjoy writing music.

Welcome to my home. I look forward to getting to know you better too!

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