Friday, February 28, 2014

By Paul - a big change

NOTE: We did not published this previously. Paul was between a rock and a hard place when he left UPS. I was very sick with my hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia. Paul might not like his current job as much as he enjoyed UPS, but he usually only works 8 hours a day! We never saw him this much when he delivered packages!

Written by Paul (February 2014)-

This week I had to make a major life changing decision. I resigned my position at UPS. Many will think we have lost our minds and all common sense. After all, I invested nearly five years into this career, and UPS drivers make such good money and have excellent benefits. Honestly, I really had no intention of leaving this career for some time, though I was becoming more disenfranchised with the career. Yet, I had no other option, the Lord spoke clearly and abruptly through the circumstances our family is facing. While it may seem that facing a future without a job right now is scary, and it is, the other option of continuing with UPS is far worse. As scary as it may seem to be unemployed at this time, I have great peace about the decision and know that this is God's doing. We are trusting the Lord to direct our next step.  Providentially, we just happen to have all our bills paid in full through the end of March. We also have some other resources that will be available by April to cover most of that month's expenses. We did not plan it this way, it just worked this way. Please pray for the Woods family.

Sincerely, Paul

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