Thursday, August 9, 2012

I am Beautiful!

I had an epiphany this morning... But I need to back up.

While I was pregnant with Baby Jeremiah I had my front tooth pulled. I was able to have a temporary partial to replace it the same day. Our long term goal was an implant.

Since that time my fake tooth has been dropped many times, It never broke... til today.

My temporary partial has broken and it cannot be fixed (according to my dentist). They cannot get me in to do a new impression of my mouth until next Wednesday. Then it takes 1-2 weeks to get the new temporary partial. It will be $228 out of pocket.

So, I was a little bummed envisioning going into public with a missing front tooth. With our American-Idol-Extreme-Makeover mentality, we want everyone to look like Hollywood! BUT I CHOOSE not to think on this!

I AM BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE I AM MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. Period. My Father sees me as beautiful. My Father is Stunning and Awesome - and I am made in His image!!!

I am set free friends! The world can call me whatever they want. MY FATHER LOVES ME AND HE THINKS I AM BEAUTIFUL! Praise Jesus! I am set free. Liberated from the spirit of ugliness that has oppressed me so long. Bye, bye, ugliness. I release you, in Jesus Name, I am Beautiful!

(Picture removed. While my Father loves me, He wants others to see me as He sees me. Just as I do not want people misunderstanding/misjudging my daughters by letting them go out in sloppy clothes and messy hair, God does not expect me to show myself at my "worst.")


NYLass said...

love you my friend!
Oh and yes, y7ou are beautiful!
Thank you for the smile

MamaHen said...

Perfectly lovely to me-inside and out!!!!!!!!!!